KidLang’s MEG Study

The KidLang Project in the Neurolinguistics Lab (PI: Liina Pylkkänen) at NYU is currently recruiting both children and adults to participate in a PAID brain-imaging study! Child preparing to go into the magnetoencephalography (MEG) machine (pre-COVID) Visit this link for more information about the study itself, and make sure you qualify per the following requirements:… Continue reading KidLang’s MEG Study

KidLang’s Composition Study

The KidLang project in the Neurolinguistics Lab (PI: Liina Pylkkänen) at NYU has launched an online study designed for children AND adults! Child participating in our in-person study while laying in our MEG machine (pre-COVID) We are currently seeking adults and children (6+ years old) who are English or Spanish speakers to volunteer 10-15 minutes. If… Continue reading KidLang’s Composition Study

Sarah’s Spanish/English Code-Switching Study

Do you speak both English AND Spanish on a regular basis? If so, please participate in the following eye-tracking study from your own home! This study is investigating how young children (~3 year olds) and adults process code-switching (or, when people switch languages within an expression) and single-language expressions. Despite COVID-19 putting a pause on conducting… Continue reading Sarah’s Spanish/English Code-Switching Study