Sarah’s Spanish/English Code-Switching Study

Do you speak both English AND Spanish on a regular basis?
If so, please participate in the following eye-tracking study from your own home!

This study is investigating how young children (~3 year olds) and adults process code-switching (or, when people switch languages within an expression) and single-language expressions. Despite COVID-19 putting a pause on conducting research in-person with children, I’ve adapted this study investigating English-Spanish code-switching among adults so that it can be done from the comforts of one’s own home.
Now all I need is your help!

A child participating in an eye-tracking study at our lab (pre-COVID)! Click on the image to learn about the Child Language Lab at NYU.

To participate, you will need a computer that has a web camera and internet access. This study will present both audio and images while your eye-gaze is being recorded. Please be mindful of the following before you start:

  • Sit in a space where your face is well lit 
  • Use headphones or turn on your computer’s volume so you can hear the audio clearly
  • Maximize your internet browser window (Google Chrome seems to work best) to make the images as large as possible

The study should not last more than 15-20 minutes (depending on how long you take breaks). When you’re ready, open the following link in a new browser window to get started:

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